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I was born on October 14, 1990 in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. I have experience of programming more than 10 years. Since 2013, I officially started to work as an engineer-programmer after getting a diploma. In my area of interest, in addition to the software and any IT related topics, include also physical culture, science popularization, literature and oeuvre in the broadest sense of the word. Now I am working remotely. If you have some interesting project or idea, I will be happy to assist its implementation. Please contact me for additional information, the cost of my work begins from 10$ per hour.


In my work I use next technologies: C#, MSSQL, Entity Framework, JavaScript, Java, PHP, Android SDK, HTML, CSS, MySQL, Yii Framework, Bootstrap, JQuery, Git, MathCAD, ASP.NET MVC. Also, I sometimes doing some email marketing, SEO and SMM.


Graduated from secondary school №41 in Bishkek city in 2006, the same year I entered the College of Information Technology. After college, I entered the 3rd year of the Kyrgyz National University with a degree in software engineering. In 2013, I received a software engineer qualification, after wrote a degree work on the topic "Creating a tiered network" Test "Web applications using PHP and MYSQL Server technologies for thin client" and defended it as "excellent." After that, I began self-learning using for this purpose same popular online educational projects, when I completed a series of courses, I received certificates which confirming my professional skills.


I had received a number of free certificates in the National Open University "INTUIT" and popular resource for IT professionals TestProvider, and I was confirmed by a certificate of English language skills at the center of Duolingo testing. Below is the current list of certificates:


During my professional career, I have participated in the development more than 50 projects, like: newbalance.kg, minjust.gov.kg, fv.kg, sms.ro.kg, tv1.kg, nbt-tv.kg, ktrk.kg, newbalance.kg, idm.kg, forester.kg, quasar.kg, tassay.kg, mssqlserverauditor.com, kamin.com.kg, as well as a number of projects implemented in the framework of individual private orders. I also do my own personal projects, such as scientifically.info, zetetic.info


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